Class Actions

National Class Action Lawyers in Indiana
Class action lawyers must be experienced with complex litigation and class action certification, notice, and settlement procedures. Large corporate defendants always put up formidable opposition in cases involving thousands of claimants.

Our experienced Indiana based class action lawyers have the willingness to tackle the most complex of cases and aggressively face larger law firms and corporations on your behalf.  Our class action attorneys have represented plaintiff classes in numerous class action lawsuits. Among the major class action lawsuits we have handled are:
What is a Class Action?
A class action is a lawsuit brought by one or more claimants as representatives for an entire group of claimants who have been affected by a common violation. This process creates a method for addressing relatively small claims that might otherwise be too costly to litigate on an individual basis.

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For experienced and skilled class action representation, contact the class action lawyers at Price Waicukauski & Riley, LLC, in Indianapolis, Indiana. Though many of our clients come from Indianapolis and the surrounding communities, we represent class members throughout Indiana and the United States. We provide a free initial consultation on all class action claims.

Class Action Recent Verdicts and Settlements