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January 8, 2019

December 20, 2018 Law Club

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Price Waicukauski Joven & Catlin’s December 20, 2018 Indiana Law Club Meeting covered a variety of topics.

We also discuss this month’s Advocacy Tip of the Month: Here’s Why Mark Alcott Is Cranky About Language

The following are all cases discussed during the December 20, 2018 Indiana Law Club meeting:

  1. Anti-SLAPP Statute Held Not Applicable To Medmal Claim; Gresk v. Demetris, 96 N.E.3d 564 (Ind. 5/10/18) (Massa)
  2. Cities May Be Vicariously Liable For Sexual Assaults By Police Officers; Cox v. Evansville Police Department, 107 N.E.3d 453 (Ind. 9/13/18) (Rush)
  3. A Legal Issue Can Be A Claim Or Defense, And Defenses Cannot Be TimeBarred; Gittings v. Deal, 109 N.E.3d 963 (Ind. 11/2/18) (Rush)
  4. Court Deals With Due Process And Involuntary Civil Commitment; A.A. v. Eskanazi Health/Midtown CMHC, 97 N.E.3d 606 (Ind. 5/17/18) (Rush)
  5. The Indiana Supreme Court Likes Bright-Line Rules; Town of Ellettsville v. DeSpirito, 2018 Ind. LEXIS 627 (Ind. 11/29/18) (Slaughter)
  6. Misuse Is A Complete Defense To A Product Liability Claim; Campbell Hausfeld/Scott Fetzer Company v. Johnson, 109 N.E.3d 953 (Ind. 11/1/18) (David)
  7. Newsworthy Exception To Right-To-Publicity Statute Must Be Read Broadly; Daniels v. FanDuel, Inc., 109 N.E.3d 390 (Ind. 10/24/18) (David)
  8. Phrase Has Same Meaning Wherever It Is Found In Insurance Policy; Erie Indemnity Company v. Estate of Harris, 9 N.E.3d 625 (Ind. 6/19/18) (Goff)
  9. Probate Code Does Not Recognize Pre-Mortem Compromises; Kent v. Kerr (In re Estate of Kent), 99 N.E.3d 634 (Ind. 6/19/18) (Goff)
  10. Tripping Danger From Wire Was Insufficiently Obvious To Support Summary Judgment On Premises Liability Claim; Roumbos v. Vazanellis, 95 N.E.3d 63 (Ind. 4/12/18) (Slaughter)
  11. The Abuse Of Discretion Standard Is Especially Deferential On Appeal When The Trial Court Has Set Aside A Default Judgment; Wamsley v. Tree City Village, 108 N.E.3d 334 (Ind. 10/11/18) (Per Curiam)
  12. SCOTUS Offers Lessons In Advocacy; Masterpiece Cakeshop, Ltd. v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission, 138 S.Ct. 1719 (U.S. 6/4/18) (Kennedy)
  13. You Must Respect The Federal Arbitration Act’s Authority; Epic Systems Corp. v. Lewis, 138 S.Ct. 1612 (U.S. 5/21/18) (Gorsuch)
  14. U.S. Supreme Court Opens The Door To Online State Sales Taxes; South Dakota v. Wayfair, Inc., 138 S.Ct. 2080 (U.S. 6/21/18) (Kennedy)

Read the entire Indiana Law Club December 2018 Handout or listen to the recording here.

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