Alternative Fee Arrangements

Looking for an alternative to the traditional billable hour? We’ve found that many business clients appreciate the billing options we offer including fixed fees, contingency fees, and blended fee arrangements. With these different billing options, our firm shares in the risk of litigation by sharing the financial burden of the case. As a result, our interests are directly aligned with our clients as we are both working toward a common goal.  Learn more about our Business Litigation practice and discover how our firm can assist you.

Alternatives to the Billable Hour Whitepaper

Written by Ron Waicukauski, this informative whitepaper outlines the following key elements to non-traditional legal fee billing:

  • Descriptions of billing arrangements for Fixed or Capped Fees with a Contingency Bonus
  • Comparisons of the difference between Fixed Fee and Flat Fee Arrangements
  • Explanation of Collar Arrangements which can be used to mitigate unfairness when the unpredictable happens

Download the Alternatives to the Billable Hour Whitepaper

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