Franchise Distributorship

Franchise Distributorship

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A franchise distributorship relationship presents a unique set of challenges and legal concerns. Our business litigation attorneys have the skills and expertise necessary to advise you on the right path to ensure your franchise distributorship agreement has addressed all of these issues.

If you are at the onset of entering or creating a master franchise or distribution agreement, our attorneys can assist you by drafting an effective franchise agreement that considers and mitigates all potential risks. We proactively plan and draft appropriate language to handle issues such as terminations, restructuring and royalties.

In addition to the creation of agreements, our franchise services include:

  • Review of franchise contracts and agreements
  • Counsel on franchise regulatory requirements
  • Preparation of disclosure documents
  • Assistance with registration and exemption filings
  • Advisement on federal and state pre-sale disclosure and registration processes
  • Representation of both the franchisor or franchisee in complex franchise litigation and business litigation concerning franchising, licensing and distributorship disputes
  • Counsel for the formation, purchase, sale, acquisition or expansion of a franchise operation

While we work with a broad set of industries, we offer significant experience in the following areas:

  • Retail
  • Restaurants
  • Health Care
  • Dental
  • Automotive

An Alternative to the Traditional Billable Hour

We offer business clients alternatives to the traditional billable hour, including fixed fees, contingency fees, and blended fee arrangements. We share in the risk of litigation by sharing the financial burden of the case. As a result, our interests are aligned and we are both working toward a common goal.

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A franchisor is the company that allows a franchisee to run a location of their business for an agreed upon fee. The franchisor retains ownerships of the overarching company, trademarks, and products and provides

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A franchisee is the individual that purchases a franchise and runs an individual or multiple location of the franchisor’s business.

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Franchising is a long-term relationship between two a franchisor and one or more franchisees. The franchise agreement results in a licensed privilege to the franchisee to operate a location of the business for an agreed upon fee. The franchisor then offers assistance in organizing, training, merchandising, marketing and managing.

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