Real Property Rights

Real Property Rights

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Our firm offers extensive expertise in representing the interests of landowners against abuse of their real property rights. We are dedicated to the practice of preventing infringements of private property, and can help infringed landowners obtain the compensation he or she deserves.

Our Right-Of-Way class action representation includes over 70 cases on behalf of landowners whose property was infringed upon including fiber optic cable trespass by railroads and telecommunication companies. We have gone toe-to-toe against the most prominent railroad and telecommunications companies on the behalf of these landowners, including railroad and communications giants

Illegal Use of Easements by Railroads

Our firm has successfully litigated cases against railroads such as Penn Central, CSX, Conrail, and Norfolk Southern. These railroads have attempted to use or sell abandoned railroad right of way or use active right-of-way that they did not own.

Fiber Optics Trespass Litigation

Telecommunications companies also have laid unauthorized co-axial cable in both abandoned and active rights-of-way. Our property litigation lawyers have fought major companies such as ATT, Quest, Sprint, & Level 3 (Williams) in all 48 lower continental states. We have obtained settlements totaling hundreds of millions of dollars for our clients.

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